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Luxurious design in art, modern objects and wall panels!

These luxurious surfaces impress by a unique and brilliant mix of materials. Obvious and outstanding quality. Precious, glittering creations provide an unknown room atmosphere and become the high light in modern styled living quarters, hotels, foyers and yachts.

Allow yourself to be inspired!

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Skull Art.

Looking for new representative unique focal points the artist's path crossed some skulls of real water - and cape buffaloes and the amazing Idea of possible combinations between nature and art began to grow and became reality. Using his unique techniques to craft and apply the real metal alloys combined with the brilliantly sparkling provides the infinite touch of luxury.

An Eye Catcher for everyone everywhere.

To the Skull Art

Art can hardly be more precious and extraordinary. Shiny metal alloys in varying textures, endless variations of Swarovski crystal elements, specialty pigments, illuminations and even acoustic elements allowing the art work to supply playback of music in perfect surround sound quality is what makes the art crafted by Nico Mastroprimiano absolutely special and outstanding.

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The artist.

The italian artist Nico Mastroprimiano is well known for his extraordinary art work. Using luxurious materials he is handcrafting stunning pieces of art unique and never seen before. Style and elegance have never been so important. Providing art of timeless beauty creating the spirit of "Generation Future". Allow yourself to be inspired.

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