The artist

Brilliant gloss meets glittering light effects and reflections. Swarovski-elements, gold, metal alloys and vibrant colors made from rare pigments harmonically combined to modern art crafted by Nico Mastroprimiano.

Fascinating flow pattern and textures and exiting Impressions hand crafted using
extraordinary high class coating techniques. The enormous depth of this art is generated by perfect matte or high gloss finishes.

The unique paintings applied on wooden substrate perform with outstanding radiance that exites and provides a special atmosphere for every room. Individual requests concerning image and size are welcome and will be considered by Nico Mastroprimiano. Each piece of art is unique contemporary and beautiful.

Enjoying a detailed education and training in applications of a large variety of paints and coatings the artist gained a deep insight into the world of coatings, their application technology on a multitude of substrates. Spurred by relentless creativity the artist developed new technologies to incorporate classy materials like gold, ‘Swarowski Crystals’ and a large variation of colors into his incredible and modern art. The artist intents to create art that is new, unique and hits the spirit of “generation future”.

Be inspired by this artist and pull his magic into the room you love and live in.

How did you come up with this art design?

I have always been very creative and interested in and attracted to precious materials of any kind.

After graduating from coating training I tought, trained myself in the techniques to generate my art and improved my capabilities.

The brilliant art work is generated using a various coating and application techniques.

What makes your art so special?

I was set to create an art design, completely new and entirely unique. Carefully picked color combinations and incredible flow pattern, exclusive coatings with brilliant pigments, metals, Swarovski crystals combined with extraordinay coating techniques are the special features of this art.

In addition various light sources enhance the radiance and constant variation of reflections and glitterings facets establishing an entirely new design.

What triggers the ideas? How do you gain your inspirations?

I like to travel, what gets me in contact with new materials. I am constantly thinking of new art projects and how to craft them to become exiting and unique.

To me this is simply pleasure.

What is driving you forward?

I am very creative and ambitious. I self tought myself all these capabilities.

I think it is simply fantastic to create exclusive art and exite and inspire poeple and allow them to add new experience of their living quarters.

Is creating this art as time consuming as it appears? What does it take to create such art?

Indeed creating this art is very time consuming. Creating this art requires extreme focus, attention to detail and multiple proceeding work steps.

All is created by me in long hours of hand crafting. To create the various artful design a multitude of varying efforts and steps are necessarly executed to combine the precious metals and turn them into a piece of modern art.

Allow yourself to become inspired as well.